Owner/Client:      Singapore Housing and Development Board

Located in West Singapore, this 1,800 acre (730 ha) site for a new town represents approximately 1 percent of Singapore’s land area and 4 percent of total ‘green’ area on the entire island. It is situated between two prominent island-wide nature reserves and is to be themed as a “Forest Community”.

This comprehensively planned new town would house approximately 45,000 residential units, full community facilities, and commercial and mixed-use opportunities. Employment opportunities are provided through commercial centers well-spread across the town, as well as nearby industrial parks and technology campuses. Multiple modes of transportation will be available including a future MRT line with several stations; an LRT line with five stations; local and regional bus lines; and provisions for automated vehicles (AV). Walking and cycling will be promoted through the use of wider sidewalks and on and off-street bike trails connecting homes to workplaces and transit stations.

Tengah will be a unique mixed use development nestled within a naturally beautiful forest setting where landforms will be retained. A diverse mix of built and natural environments, including an ecological corridor, central park and lively town center provides both active and serene spaces that will ebb and flow with the rhythm of the community. The sustainability and educational programs implemented in this new town will demonstrate Singapore’s ambition in the global arena to implement exemplary best practices.

*Ascent senior urban design staff led this project while at another firm (AECOM).